The Associated Utility Contractors of Maryland, Inc. was incorporated on March 11, 1950 by a group of concerned contractors interested in the welfare and advancement of the utility contracting industry. The Association is a founding and highly active member of the Clean Water Construction Coalition (C.W.C.C.).

The Associated Utility Contractors of Maryland has long been a dynamic organization and continues to be a leader in the construction industry in Maryland. The A.U.C. maintains active specification committees for each subdivision in the metro area. These committees meet regularly with public works and elected representatives of these subdivisions to discuss industry problems. The chapter’s safety committee has been very active providing membership with seminars on various topics including MOSH / OSHA general safety.

Locally, the A.U.C. has maintained a presence and is well known in Annapolis. It has been able to influence the passing of legislation which allow contractors lien rights for utility lines laid in public right of ways. In 1990, a bill was passed which among other things forces any owner of utility lines, including fiber optics, to become a member of the MISS Utility system, thereby marking all lines.

The Association also sponsors a variety of social functions including a bull roast, fishing event, dinner dance and golf outing.
All are well attended.

Our Objectives as an Organization

• To promote better relations between and among utility contractors and public agencies, private owners, architects and engineers
• To maintain high professional standards in the conduct of business and the performance of work
• To combat unfair practices
• To create contracting methods which relieve the contractor of improper risks
• To correct unsatisfactory conditions
• To promote business and social relationships among members of the Association
• To minimize industrial strife by promoting sound labor relations, recognizing the legitimate rights of both employees and employers and
• To promote sound business practices and improve the standing of utility contractors in the business world

Past Presidents

• Tom Baldwin (Current)
• Artie Bell (Previous)
• Hans Ruppenthal (2010-12)
• Matt Rudo (2008-10)
• Edward Lipinski, III (2006-08)
• Peter G. Ligon (2004-06)
• Thomas J. Iacoboni (2002-04)
• L. Myrton Gaines (2000-02)


Becoming a Member - Make sure to visit our membership page for all information pertaining to membership with the AUC.