Associated Utility Contractors of Maryland Educational Trust

Who may apply?
Any high school senior who is the daughter, son or grandchild of an AUC member company employee, and will be enrolling full or part time in an academic institution of higher education, beginning in September. The enrollment may be in any curriculum for any number of years.  This may be a four-year college, a community college or a trade school anywhere in the United States. The amount of the scholarship is $1,000.00.

How do I apply?
Complete the application forms in accordance with the instructions and send to the AUC office at the address provided.

How will the application be judged?
Selections will be based on the general worthiness of the application.  The AUC Educational Trust Scholarship Committee will consider (1) scholastic standing, (2) ACT and/or SAT scores, (3) extra curricular activities, (4) career goals, (5) past employment, (6) essay and (7) thoroughness of the completed application.

How will the confidentiality of the application be protected?
When the application has been received by AUC each application is given a number and an acknowledgment is sent to the applicant.  The application is handled only by a single designee appointed by the association.  Once this has been done the first page of the applicant will be placed in a sealed envelope marked only with the application number.  The named designee then reviews the application in detail and removes any and all words or references that provide information relating to the applicant's name, sex, race, religion, address or AUC member company.  The Scholarship Committee will meet at predetermined times and review only sanitized copies of the application.  Should any committee member recognize the applicant through the remaining information that member will disqualify themselves from consideration of that application and the remaining committee members will make the determinations regarding that application.  Only winning envelopes are opened and the others are destroyed.

What must accompany the application?
The application must be returned along with (1) a transcript of high school grades through the latest period prior to April 20th and (2) a letter of recommendation from a member of the high school faculty.  That letter shall include the number of students in the graduating class and the applicant's standing in the class.

When must I apply?
All applications must be received in the AUC office no later than April 20th.  The award winner will be notified no later than June 1st.

How can I obtain further information?

If you have any questions or need clarification or any details contact the Executive Director Elaine Middleton at the AUC office by telephone during business hours at (410) 750-2554.

Download and Submit the Scholarship Application

Please Click Here to download the application.

2017 Scholarship Winners
Phil Naylor Memorial Scholarship

Taylor Warch

Father works for Gaines & Co.
Undecided on College.
Course of study Medical School.

W.F.Wilson  & Sons Scholarship

Mikenzie Romano

Father (Rob Brode) works for Allan Myers
Will attend Harford Community College.
Major Early Childhood Education.

C.J. Miller Scholarship

Kara Ashleigh Tyree

Mother works for Allan Myers.
Will attend WVU
Course of study Nursing.

Mark Bennett Wilson Memorial Scholarship

Emily Krieger

Grandfather works for CTG.
Will attend Duquesne University.
Course of study Doctorate of Physical Therapy.

Thomas & Jacqueline Iacoboni Scholarship

Jessica Randolph

Mother works for Iacoboni Site Spec.
Will attend Sam Houston State University.
Course of study Forensic Science.

Morgan Tyler Gainer Memorial Scholarship

Arden Scheetz

Father works for Gray & Son.
Will attend Gettysburg College.
Course of study Health Sciences.