Scholarship Applications are open! High school senior who is the daughter, son or grandchild of an AUC member company employee are eligible to participate. All applications must be received in the AUC office no later than April 20th. The award winner will be notified by June 1st.

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Congratulations to Elaine Middleton, our long-time friend and Executive Director of the Associated Utility Contractors of Maryland (the AUC), Elaine Middleton has retired after a thirty-five-year career. Elaine has managed all the AUC functions and has led to the success of the well-attended well-run AUC Bull Roast. She kept the members united, informed, and engaged in the issues affecting the utility contracting industry. Through her 35 years with the Association Elaine has seen many changes and assisted many a member and board member in the growth of the organization.

Elaine Middleton retiring


2023 Bull Roast, was an outstanding event this year!
2023 Fall Clay Shoot

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2023 Fall Clay Shoot Tournament, second time out this year!
2023 Fall Clay Shoot

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2023 Golf Tournament had to cut it short due to weather, but we had a great time!
2023 golf winner

( Ron Miller & Tom Linton pictured )

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2023 Fishing Tournament was one of the best yet!
2 auc 2023 scholarship winners

( Gary Collins pictured )

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2023 Scholarship Winners are in. Take a look at these rising stars.

2 auc 2023 scholarship winners

President Tom Linton (left), Artie Bell Scholarship Coordinator (right)
( Madisyn & Payton pictured at June meeting)

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Here is an updated Baltimore City contacts list. Click here to view it.

Here is a copy of the new Contingent Price Items as approved by Baltimore County. Please note that the County has increased the Borrow for back fill to $80/CY. From the proposed 60/CY. These prices go into effect March 1st. Download

To see pictures from past events head on over to the Events page and scroll down to the event you would like to see.

“Update guy” would like to remind all the members to be sure to attend the general meetings. Attending the meetings is a great way to network with others in our industry. The meetings also cover many of the local changes to specifications and an excellent way to keep your crews ahead of the curve when it comes to compliance.

For the latest Howard County Water and Sewer Capital Projects Bid Advertisement, click here.

Our executive director would like to know from the members if anyone has a need for any safety services (i.e. confined space, CPR,etc) . Elaine can set up safety services for our membership at a reduced rate. It is one of the advantages of membership in the AUC.

We are always looking for new members. If anyone has an idea for a new member please contact Elaine. Building membership helps keep our organization strong with new thoughts, ideas and services.

For AUC tracked Bills, make sure to visit our links page for the dedicated section!

Head over to the links page to find information about

  • Baltimore City Street Cuts Information
  • New OSHA Overhead Lines Clearance Requirements
  • New Harford County Water & Sewer Regs
  • Anne Arundel County Jobs
  • Maryland Cell Phone Law Fact Sheet
  • See the latest Howard County Water and Sewer Capital
         Projects Bid Advertisements
  • Current Howard County Water and Sewer Bid List

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    The Associated Utility Contractors of Maryland, Inc. was incorporated on March 11, 1950 by a group of concerned contractors interested in the welfare and advancement of the utility contracting industry. The Association is a founding and highly active member of the Clean Water Construction Coalition (C.W.C.C.).



    • Board Meeting - 03/11/2024
      5 p.m. @ Timbuktu Restaurant
    • General Meeting - 03/11/2024
      6:30 p.m. @ Timbuktu Restaurant
    • Board Meeting - 04/08/2024
      5 p.m. @ Timbuktu Restaurant
    • General Meeting - 04/08/2024
      6:30 p.m. @ Timbuktu Restaurant
    • Spring Clay Shoot - 05/10/2024
      9:00 a.m. @ Schrader’s in Henderson, MD

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    • Board Meeting - 05/13/2024
      5 p.m. @ Timbuktu Restaurant
    • General Meeting - 05/13/2024
      6:30 p.m. @ Timbuktu Restaurant
    • Golf Tournament - 06/06/2024
      7 a.m. @ Piney Brach Golf Course in Upperco, MD
    • Board Meeting - 06/10/2024
      5 p.m. @ Timbuktu Restaurant
    • General Meeting - 06/10/2024
      6:30 p.m. @ Timbuktu Restaurant

    Subtitle twelve law and such

    Title XII of the Maryland Public Utilities article is the governing document for protecting our state's vital underground facilities, as well as to insure the safety of the public and all those who work in the underground utility industry. It is the law in Maryland and applies to anyone who intends to dig or disturb the earth or demolish any type of structure.

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    Photo from January's meeting.

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